All-Gen Nomvula Group has been launched as a specialised division within the greater All-Gen Group to provide business owners with peace of mind concerning employees’ and their families’ financial well-being as well as Medical Aid to businesses and individuals.


Our focus regarding this aspect of our service offering is on providing you, the business owner, with the right financial products and services for the most important people in your business – your employees.

Your employees’ health, financial security, and safety are important and as an employer you should protect them against the costs associated with unexpected injuries and serious illnesses. Furthermore you can help your employees maximise their retirement benefits by structuring their packages correctly. Offering retirement and risk benefits, such as death, disability and funeral cover to employees is also considered a valuable tool in retaining staff.

All-Gen Nomvula has a specialist department focusing on this product offering and our aim is to assist and advise employers of all sizes throughout South Africa, regarding the development of suitable employee benefits packages which can be tailor-made to meet the financial requirements of the business and your employees.

Retirement benefit provision is rapidly changing in South Africa. Employees expect more in terms of transparency, participation and communication. The importance lies in educating individual employees on financial well-being and creating awareness around the importance of making provision for retirement. At All-Gen Nomvula, we are committed to providing advice and service of the highest quality on all financial planning matters so that individuals are well-equipped on their journey to a more secure financial future.


Whether you are single, a couple, planning a family or retired we know that medical costs can be exorbitant. Navigating the highly complex South African Healthcare Funding environment can be time consuming. The last thing you need to worry about when you’re ill or involved in an accident is a looming bill when you are in need of urgent medical care.

So, whether you are looking for a reliable medical aid, medical top-up cover or just need cash in your pocket should you have to spend some time in hospital, All-Gen Nomvula has the solution for you.

We have selected a range of trusted medical aids to help you find the best possible health insurance or medical aid cover to meet your requirements and budget. With a choice of comprehensive and short-term cover, you can easily find a suitable health solution for you and your family.

Corporate Retirement Fund (Pension/ Provident)
Group Risk Cover
Member Consultations
Employee Wellness Programs
Group Medical Aid, including Gap Cover
Individual Medical Aid, including Gap Cover

"No one cares how much you know,
until they know how much you care."

Theodore Roosevelt


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