Liberty Group Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider in terms of the FAIS Act (Licence No. 2409)

Having an expert Financial Adviser helps you reduce stress, bring order to chaos and put you in control of your life.

As a team of Liberty Financial Advisers, our focus is to provide you with a financial plan that is tailored to your lifestyle needs and goals, commonly referred to as a “lifestyle financial plan”. It is a living plan which reflects the dynamic events and goals relevant to you rather than being a static document.

Planning for the unexpected is always wise! Major life events like the loss of work, divorce, changing careers, having children can cause a financial crisis, which leads to increased stress and emotionally driven decision making - which is what you want to try and avoid.

Our Financial Advisers can help you make better choices for your retirement, build wealth, and invest for the long term to manage life’s transitions.

Your Personal Financial Plan
  1. Risk Personality – Understanding your attitude to risk and volatility in relation to goals
  2. Current Financial Profile – Calculating and drawing up of personal financial report
  3. Retirement Planning – capital and income forecasting for retirement, taking into account rate of savings, inflation, investment growth, longevity and income sources
  4. Risk Planning – Scenario planning and risk mitigation for sickness, disability and death
  5. Asset Class Analysis – An analysis of your current investment portfolio in relation to your risk personality and goals
Wealth Management

We gain an in-depth understanding of your particular needs by carefully analysing your investment goals, tolerance for risk and volatility, income requirements, asset class spread, tax status and investment horizon. For the most part, high net worth investors are more concerned with wealth preservation and strategic growth, than on making risky investments in the hope of massive returns. Clients want to see prudently managed growth without a lot of surprises. This is why our approach to wealth management emphasizes prudent investment advice, portfolio construction and wealth management services, designed to help you achieve a real growth in assets under management, while limiting exposure to risk and costs.

Estate Planning

Having a carefully provisioned Estate Plan ensures that your affairs are in order and enables your wishes to be carried out should you pass away.

Estate planning is an integral component of a successful financial plan, and key to this is having a valid and up-to-date Will in place.  Once you are gone, it can offer financial security to the people you love or organisations you want to support.  It is what speaks for you when you cannot and it is the physical evidence, the lasting legacy, of the responsibility you took to provide for your loved ones, no-matter what. Aside from including provisions that will secure your family’s future, you also have an opportunity to make a bequest to a charity or outreach program.

What happens if you don’t have a Will?

Should you pass-away without a Will your assets will be distributed in terms of the Intestate Succession Act, and may take several years to finalise. If you have a spouse or children, dying Intestate could have life-changing consequences on their well-being. Imagine if your spouse was forced to rely on financial support from family and friends because your bank account and other assets are frozen. If you have children younger than 18, your spouse may only inherit a child’s share and your children’s inheritance will be paid into the Guardian’s Fund, which falls under the control of the Master of the High Court.  If you don’t have a spouse or children the court will decide who will inherit your assets, and no one outside your family tree will be considered.  Most importantly, dying without a will creates delays and complications that you probably never intended.

Business Financial Planning

Your Business Financial Plan may include some or all of the following aspects:

Business Continuity Planning – Failing to plan for the unexpected can destroy a business, leaving nothing for those who built it. Your Business Continuity Plan will incorporate a properly structured Buy and Sell Agreement, backed by life and disability insurance for each partner, ensuring that your business is protected against the death or disability of a shareholder or member.  Furthermore, it provides each partner with the absolute security that their individual business interest is a tangible asset in their estate and that their family will receive a payout that represents the fair value of this interest.

Succession Planning for family-owned businesses – Only 14% of family businesses remain in the family beyond the third generation as a direct result of a lack of succession planning.  Succession planning is a process that will ensure that your successors are identified and prepared to take over the management of the family business once you retire, or sooner if you become disabled or die.

Business Contingency Planning – To replace a key person in your business can be costly. Not only do you lose the knowledge and experience of that person, but if they were integral to the running of your business it could affect your business’s future.  These key persons are at the helm of your business – they steer, create and drive your enterprise. Can your business survive if you lose such a valuable asset? The solution is insuring your business against the loss of a key person. This will give you the necessary cash on-hand to keep your business running while you recruit and train a replacement.

Planning for Future Expansion – The future expansion of your business is an exciting prospect. However, expansion is usually a costly exercise that requires vast capital investments. With a Future Expansion Plan, you can start providing for future liabilitiesnow, so that the money is available when your company is ready to expand.

Personal Liability – The nature of most suretyships is such that the person who signs the surety may be held liable for the entire amount of the outstanding debt.  Imagine the impact this can have on a person’s individual financial planning.  A Personal Liability Plan ensures that individuals who sign surety for a business are protected in the event they become disabled or die.

Business loan redemption planning – advice regarding the tax-efficient redemption of business loans.

Employee Benefit Planning – Whether you own a small or a large business, the pay and benefit package that you offer your staff impacts who you will be able to attract to your business, and your ability to keep those employees with specialist skills.  An Employee Benefits Needs Analysis is crucial if you are considering setting up a pension or provident fund, group risk scheme or preferred compensation arrangement.